Toy Libraries


Playgroup Queensland’s network of Toy Libraries provide opportunities for our Playgroups and members to access quality, developmentally appropriate toys and equipment that enhance and support a child’s learning and development.

Borrowing from Playgroup Queensland Toy Libraries is free for all current members and affiliated Playgroups. Currently there are seven Toy Libraries located throughout the state:

  • Toowoomba
  • Redland and Bayside Family and Support Hub
  • Carindale, Brisbane
  • Mons Playgroup Centre, Buderim
  • Townsville
  • Atherton
  • Cairns

Toy Libraries are generally open one to two times a month and are run by a valuable team of volunteers who are trained and receive support from Playgroup Queensland. You can sign-up with your membership number on arrival and select up to four toys to have out for one to two months at a time.

Five reasons to check out your local toy library:

  1. Keep the play room interesting with a rotation of different toys
  2. Explore different types of play with your children
  3. Upcycle, recycle and save money & plastic!
  4. Borrow toys for Grandma’s house
  5. Rotate new toys for your playgroup

Read about what it's like to visit a toy library on our blog.

Toy Library Trading Hours

Playgroup Queensland Toy Libraries aim to provide families within their local communities access to free resources that encourage play and early education.

Head to your local Toy Library today and start enjoying the benefits that this service provides.

Playgroup Queensland Toy Library Dates 2017

Toowoomba Toy Library

The Toowoomba Toy Library service will be closed until further notice due to vandalism damage to the venue.  The library will be open for returns only on the 2nd of June 2017.  We will notify playgroups and families when it is due to reopen after repairs and refurbishment. 

January – CLOSED on school holidays

February – 3rd

March – 3rd

April – CLOSED on school


May – 5th



1st FRIDAY of the month

10.30am - 12.30pm

CLOSED school holidays



HumeRidge Church of Christ

461 Hume Street


*The toy library shed is behind the church hall, down the path to the right of the hall.

Volunteer Librarians

  1. Sharon Williams
  2. Michelle Wallace
  3. Leanne Kruck



Redland Toy Library

February – Wednesday 8th and 22nd  

March – Wednesday 8th and 22nd

April – Wednesday 12th and 26th

May – Wednesday 10th and 24th

June – Wednesday 14th and 28th

July – Wednesday 12th and 26th

August – Wednesday 9th and 23rd

September – Wednesday 13th and 27th October – Wednesday 11th and 25th

November – Wednesday 8th and 22rd

December – Wednesday 13th (last for the year)

2nd & alternate Wednesday of the month

From: 9.00am – 1.00pm

OPEN school holidays



Redland Bayside Child and Family Support Hub

27 Waterloo Street



Volunteer Librarians

(Overseen by Debbie Morgan, PGQ)

  1. Sue Gildersleeve
  2. Catherine Kelly


Carindale Toy Library

January – Tuesday 17th

February – Monday 6st and Tuesday 21st  

March – Monday 6th and Tuesday 21st  

April - Monday 3rd and Tuesday 18th

May – Monday 1st and Tuesday 16th

June – Monday 5th and Tuesday 20th

July - Monday 3rd and Tuesday 18th

August – Monday 7th and Tuesday 22nd

September – Monday 4th and Tuesday 19th

October –  Closed on Labour Day and Tuesday 17th

November – Monday 6th and Tuesday 21st

December – Monday 4th and Tuesday 19th

1st Monday and 3rd Tuesday of each month

9.30am – 11.30am

OPEN school holidays

In the event of rain, the library will be CLOSED and rescheduled



Carindale PCYC

27 Narracott Street


*The toy library is behind the PCYC

Volunteer Librarians

  1. Virginia Shorthose
  2. Robin Shorthose


Mons (Buderim) Toy Library

January – 21st

February – 18th

March – 15th

April – 19th

May – 17th

June – 21st

July – 19th  

August – 16th

September – 20th  

October – 18th

November – 15th

December – 20th

3rd Wednesday of the month

9.30am - 11am

OPEN school holidays



Mons Playgroup Centre

1 Mons School Road, Buderim

Ph: 5453 4938

Volunteer Librarians

(Overseen by Michelle Poole, PGQ)

Daniella Atkinson

Jodie Sempf

Kathryn O’Donnell Hyman

Elizabeth Hartley




Townsville Toy Library

January – 28th

February – 25th

March – 25th

April – 29th

May – 27th

June – 24th

July – 29th

August – 26th

September – 30th

October – 28th

November – 25th

December – CLOSED for xmas

Last Saturday of the month

8.30am - 10.00am

OPEN school holidays



The Toy Shed

Heatley State School

Fitzroy Street




Volunteer Librarians

  1. Wendy Bates
  2. Denise Turner
  3. Belinda Slater


  1. May Turner
  2. Kristy Rusell




Atherton Toy Library

January – CLOSED on school holidays

February – 14th

March – 14th

April – 11th

May – 9th

June – 13th

July – 11th

August – 8th

September – 12th

October – 10th

November – 14th

December – CLOSED on school holidays

2nd Tuesday of the month

10.00am - 12.00pm

CLOSED school holidays



The Lions Shed

Lions Park

Corner Robert street & Louise Sts




Volunteer Librarians

  1. Rosemary Waltisbuhl
  2. Janet Hutchinson


Cairns Toy Library

January – CLOSED

February – 3rd

March – 3rd  

April – 7th

May – 5th

June – 2rd

July – 7th

August – 4th

September – 1nd

October – 6th

November – 3rd  

December – 1st  

First Friday of the month

9am – 11am

OPEN school holidays



Cairns PCYC

91 – 97 McNamara Street





Volunteer Librarians

  1. Rowan Wilson
  2. Ailsa Horsborough


  1. Dini Jannati
  2. Mayumi Hanamura
  3. Dhikrillah Fahuda
  4. Masako Ishii
  5. Toshi Clayton