Community Playgroups

Throughout Queensland over 900 Playgroup Queensland Community Playgroups meet weekly within local communities. These playgroups meet in regional, remote and urban areas. Community Playgroups recognise parents as a child’s first teacher and are universally targeted, locally responsive and inclusive, providing welcoming supportive environments for all families to come together regardless of cultural, social or economic backgrounds. Community Playgroups build capacity and confidence in parents and carers and provide a solid foundation for children in their journey as lifelong learners.

Every Community Playgroup is unique to the community within which it thrives. They are parent led and parent funded and rely on the dedication of our volunteers to engender group participation. Community partners help  in ensuring the survival of Community Playgroups through subsidised or reduced venue fees and in-kind donations all of which supports the importance of play and parents as first teachers.

Whether you are a mum, dad, carer, grandparent or family member, everyone is welcome at playgroup. Each Community Playgroup is different to the next, which means finding a playgroup to suit you and your family is a breeze. We’ll even provide you with the opportunity to attend up to two playgroups, free of charge to help you find that perfect fit!

Children under five are in a stage of rapid brain development and to help this development children need loving, supportive relationships and stimulating environments. Playgroup offers babies, toddlers and young children a wide variety of early learning experiences. Attending a Community Playgroup is a great way for your child to learn about the world, make lifelong friendships and develop social skills.

Community Playgroups also provides mums, dads, grandparents and carers a chance to meet and build friendships in a safe environment and to share ideas and experiences. Families tell us that many long-term friendships begin at playgroup.


What happens at a Community Playgroup?


Community Playgroups meet weekly for one to two hours and can be found in a variety of venues such as community centres, council halls, parks and the homes of playgroup families. Playgroup members work together to provide babies and children with opportunities to learn through play.


At playgroup your child will:

  • have fun
  • learn how to take turns
  • socialise with other children and adults
  • learn and develop new skills
  • listen to music and stories
  • develop problem-solving and negotiation skills
  • explore by playing with water and sand, painting and trying other kinds of art experiences
  • have fun playing outdoors and going on outings and excursions.

At playgroup you will:

  • enjoy activities outside of the home
  • make new friends
  • share experiences
  • play and learn
  • help run the playgroup
  • watch your child learn and develop new skills.

“I have made amazing friends who have stuck by me through some very hard times and who have been there to experience my happy times too! My kids enjoy the experience making lifelong friends and having fun being kids!”

– Michelle, playgroup mum


How will a Community Playgroup benefit your community?


Community Playgroups benefit your community by building support networks within families and communities. Families attending playgroup build friendships with each other, provide support and often help new members in a community link in with other services (i.e. schools, health professionals etc.).

Community Playgroups help overcome social isolation that is common among families or mothers with young children by providing a regular opportunity to meet in a safe environment with other families that are experiencing similar circumstances/lifestyle changes as themselves. Community Playgroups promote inclusivity for all members regardless of their cultural or social background.


How can I find out more?

For more information, or to join an existing Community Playgroup or start a new playgroup in your local area, contact the friendly team at Playgroup Queensland today on 1800 171 882.