Playgroup is an opportunity for people to gather together in their community, making friends, sharing experiences and having fun.  Each playgroup is unique and different.  A community playgroup should decide together on the running of the playgroup.  This guide aims to give playgroup members some guidelines and expectations for the group to run smoothly.

Playgroup Charter

As playgroup members we:               

  • value play and have fun
  • respect and value difference
  • participate and share
  • feel safe and secure
  • encourage not discourage.

Playgroup QLD Membership

A non-playgroup member can have two free visits, and then they must become a member of Playgroup Queensland to continue attending.  Current membership is required while participating in playgroup activities and events.

Playgroup Membership includes:

-insurance cover

-support and help from Playgroup Queensland staff


-discounts and special offers

-resources such as the Playgroup Book and CP1 Handbook

- access over 100 play activities in our online members area

-events including National Playgroup Week and Dress Up Day.

Read more about membership benefits here.

Respecting and valuing difference

It is important that you find a playgroup that is right for you and your family.  All families should enjoy and have access to a positive playgroup experience.  All members are asked to respect and value difference.  It is important that there be a focus on welcoming families into your playgroup.


Welcoming new members

All playgroup members are responsible for welcoming new members, helping to foster a positive environment of encouragement, inspiration and friendliness.  Ideas for welcoming new members:

-ensure there is warm welcome and farewell

-put together a welcome pack (e.g. sample newsletter that explains information about your playgroup, general brochures (available from Playgroup Queensland).

-nominate a welcoming person to assist new families to settle in

-introduce other members/or ask members to introduce themselves

-the buddy system, offer the new family a buddy (someone who is already a playgroup member who is familiar with the group).


-Playgroup sessions are Smoke Free environments (including surrounding areas of venues/events).


Language and Swearing

To ensure playgroup is a safe and nurturing environment for children, adults are not permitted to use profanities, swear or act in an aggressive manner at Playgroup.


Dealing with Challenging Behaviours and Supervision at Playgroup

All children go through stages that can challenge their parents and carers.  Playgroup provides a place where families can enjoy the company of others knowing their experiences are understood and shared. 

If action is necessary by either the parent or another parent, speak with the child gently, firmly and consistently and if done so in a positive manner the boundaries of acceptable behaviour will become clearer over time.  It is important that adults model positive behaviours at playgroup. 

Each parent or carer is responsible for the supervision of their child/children at playgroup.  Parents/Carers cannot leave their child at playgroup, it is important that parents/carers engage with their children at playgroup and supervise them carefully.

Babies Area

To enable babies and their families to enjoy their playgroup experience, it is a great idea to create an age appropriate environment where babies can have the freedom to explore and grow.  See Playgroup info: tips for setting up your baby playgroup.


Participating and Sharing at Playgroup

Playgroups is a shared responsibility between all parents and carers of the group.  Community playgroups are not run by paid staff, a parent/carer will volunteer to be the Contact Person/s and other roles in the group (such as Financial Contact).

Ideas for sharing the playgroup session include:

-give everyone a chance to lead an activity

-get the children to help set up and pack away

-have a roster/buddy system, the buddy system can work well with new members and guiding them as they start to become more involved in the group

-practice good communication (e.g. newsletter)

-have a message book (note book) that members can read when they arrive

-take time to discuss any issues that arise, or the weeks activities (10 mins over morning tea)

-activities in our online member area and Pinterest boards are available for inspiration if needed.

Playgroup Queensland recommends that you contact your Contact Person prior to attending the initial playgroup session to understand how your group operates. 


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