•   Commitment
  • We are a membership-based organisation registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission that has Deductible Gift Recipient status.

    As a not-for-profit, charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, Playgroup Queensland understands the importance of conforming to regulations and performing for accountability to those who help fund us – including governments, sponsors, philanthropists and members.

    Accordingly, we have a culture and commitment to strong, effective governance.

  •  Training
  • Our Directors, Board Secretary, Officers and key staff are trained in governance through formally recognised courses at:

    · The Governance Institute of Australia (GIA)

    · The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

    · The Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies (ACPNS)

  •  Guides
  • To guide our governance, we refer to the following authoritative documents:

    ·  Governance Institute of Australia (GIA)

    ·  Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC)

    ·  Standards Australia (SA)

    ·  Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA)

    ·  Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

  •  Implementation
  • To effectively and efficiently ensure good governance, we have:

    · an Annual General Meeting of members and stakeholders where the Board of Directors is elected;

    · a separate, formally qualified and experienced Board secretary responsible for ensuring governance;

    ·  a Board of Non-Executive Directors who provide strategic guidance and oversight to the CEO

    ·  a CEO who operationalises strategic direction through the exeuctive management team including resources dedicated to:

    ·  delivering our constitutional mandate

    ·  financial budgeting and management

    ·  workplace health and safety

    ·  preapring and implementing policies and procedures

    ·  applying internal audits.


    In addition, we also have systems that improve our governance including:

    ·  policies and procedures

    ·  risk framework and evaluation.

    ·  financial management and independent auditing

    ·  a whistleblower process

  •   Mandate
  •  Our constitution was last revised in 2014 and lists the following objects:


    · to provide relief and support to children, their families and carers experiencing disability, vulnerablity or who are disadvantaged during a child's early formative years;      

    · to enrich and support families and the community by establishing, promoting and developing playgroups and services in Queensland to meet community needs;

    · to encourage and provide the opportunity for increased adult-child interaction during a child’s early formative years;

    · to provide stimulating and diverse environments in which the relationship between a parent or carer and a child can be developed through play and where children from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds can develop creatively and socially at their own pace

    · to provide advisory services and support to parents, carers, governments and the community in relation to child development.

  •  2016-2020 Strategic Plan
    •  Vision
    • Connected Children, Families and Communities

    •  Mission

    • Support children and families to build knowledge, skills and confidence for lasting social benefits.  

    •  Values

    • · Learning through play.

      · Sharing experiences.

      · Respecting & including everyone.

      · Enabling best possible childhood.

      · Providing proven programs.

      · Delivering more.

    •  Advocacy Positions

    • · Australia’s Investment in Early Childhood should lead the OECD.

      · Increased Playgroup engagement increases social benefit.

      · The education continuum starts from birth through play.

      · Families & communities are the first and most vital teachers.

      · Children are experts in playful learning.

    •  Strategies

    • · Focus on children 0-5 yet include all children & pre-birth.

      · Deliver more products & services to more families.

      · Increase profile, brand awareness and engagement.

      · Innovate for better service delivery.

      · Run a self-sustaining business with a charitable cause.

      · Contribute to alignment of a national playgroup network.

      · Increase member engagement & life.

      · Broaden parent & carer support mechanisms.

      · Develop fundraising, philanthropic and social enterprise revenues.


    •  Pillars

    • · Support the Early Childhood (EC) community

      · Educate the broader community about EC issues

      · Advocate EC needs to those of influence

      · Contribute to Research efforts to benefit EC community

      · Resource PGQ to deliver services

      · Administrate with best Social Enterprise practice for NFP

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