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Fundraising Guidelines

As a fundraising organiser, you’re making a special contribution to Playgroup Queensland. Find out below what ‘red tape’ you need to know to make the fundraising process easy. 


Getting authorisation for your fundraiser

Firstly, all fundraising activities must be registered with Playgroup Queensland; this applies to individuals, groups, workplaces or organisations. It doesn’t matter how big the event is or if it is a donation of cash or in kind you must register your activity with Playgroup Queensland by completing a Fundraising Proposal Agreement.

This is a simple four-step process

  1. Decide on the type of event or activity you would like to hold and read through the Fundraising Proposal Agreement
  2. Email Playgroup Queensland to lodge your Fundraising event via email.
  3. A Playgroup Queensland team member will be in touch to discuss your activity in detail
  4. Once your fundraising idea is approved we will send you a sanction letter and you are set to go!


Location restrictions

As Playgroup Queensland operates nationally there are no location restrictions when fundraising for our organisation.


Promoting your fundraiser

The activity must be advertised as an event supporting Playgroup Queensland and not a Playgroup Queensland event. The suggested wording on your promotional material is “proudly supporting Playgroup Queensland”.


Insurance cover

Insurance is not able to be provided for events where alcohol is served.  If you wish to hold an event where alcohol is served you will need to obtain separate insurance and appropriate licenses.

Playgroup Queensland maybe be able to provide insurance coverage for any current members who are running a fundraising event. An Event Insurance Form needs to be completed and submitted to Playgroup Queensland for all events run by members.

If you are not a Playgroup Member, it’s a very simple process to join and easily access insurance for your fundraising event. Become a Playgroup Queensland member today.

If you don’t become a member of Playgroup Queensland, taking out the appropriate type and level of insurance for your activity is strongly recommended. Contact any insurance cover provider to discuss appropriate options. This is the sole responsibility of the fundraiser; Playgroup Queensland cannot provide any insurance coverage for your activity.



Please ensure you have registered for all the necessary permits relating to your activity. This could include liquor licensing, responsible service of alcohol, food handling, local council, road permissions. If you’re unsure of the permits you require, please contact us or your legal practitioner for advice.

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