Educational Experience Product of the month: Multicultural Art Bundle Offer

National Reconciliation Week is coming up May 27 – June 3. Celebrate this important event at your playgroup  and promote an understanding of cultural diversity with your children with this creative multicultural art pack. The pack includes multicultural construction paper which comes in 8 assorted skin tones, pack of skin-tone faces, and a pack of A3 face paper. This pack includes everything you need to create and celebrate people of all cultures and backgrounds.

Resembling the two-person guessing game of the 80s, this fantastic activity draws on a child’s creative ability. Complete with cut-outs of faces, noses, eyes, ears and mouths, the bundle provides a canvas for children to create several faces of different ethnicities.

Just add glue and you have an activity that will keep the littlies entertained for hours. Get them to create your face. Ask them what they think their face looks like and then encourage them to create a self-portrait.

And consider encouraging them to draw on the faces for hair or why not drag out the craft box and make mustaches, beards and eyebrows.

While you are cutting and pasting, talk to little ones about how we are all different and that difference is ‘good’. Use this activity as a teaching moment to discuss diversity in all its forms. Talk to them about how Australia is made up of multicultural communities and we all have different faces and our faces reflect our first nations and migrant history.

If you'd like to win this art bundle for your playgroup all you have to do is comment below and tell us why your playgroup should win!

Sign in and comment below for a chance to win! Competition ends at midnight on 30th May. competition is specially organised for members of Playgroup Queensland only.

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  • This would be a nice step up from our cut outs from magazines of body parts to stick freestyle on paper or a face we have drawn.

  • Our Playgroup would LOVE this!.  Most of our playgroup kids are around the 2-3 years old and this would be also a great teaching tool learning about eyes, ears etc.

  • I would love to win this my playgroup.

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