What you can do when you don’t get enough sleep…

As a new parent, there will be times when you don’t get enough sleep. Here are some tips how you can ensure that you have more energy without putting any weight on!

When we are tired the first things we have the tendency to snack on are those naughty things we shouldn’t, sugary snacks and coffee.  These types of foods will actually reduce our energy levels long term, by exhausting our bodies.  Breaking these foods down and eliminating them from the body is a demanding task on our organ systems.  Also, these will only give you highs and lows which is the last thing you need when your baby is ready to wake up and needs your loving attention.  So, what can we have that tastes nice, provides us with plenty of energy and can be quickly thrown together?


- healthy shakes

- protein/bliss balls

- simple homemade frozen yoghurt snack. Just grind up some granola and mix it with a good quality yoghurt such as Jalna and freeze.  Delicious and healthy too!  

- smoothies

Cheese and olives or 2 scrambled eggs are also a great way to keep your energy up. Check blender girl for some great ideas http://healthyblenderrecipes.com/

Written by Timea West ND. BHom. BNat. DNut. Nutrition Strategist, Facilitator

Timea graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Naturopathic Medicine, a Bachelor Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and an Advanced Diploma of Nutrition. She has been in clinical practice in Sydney, Brisbane and in the UK for the past decade and in 2008 developed her own trademark in the industry ‘Multi-Modality Health Management system (MMHM)’ while establishing her inner and outer health and wellbeing centre in Sydney with a team of 14 employees. Currently engaged in numerous aspects of the health industry, lecturing at various companies, facilitates corporate health workshops, an educator and writer for Playgroup QLD children’s health (watch out for PGQ TV health segments). Timea specialises in several areas of integrative medicine including longevity, diabetes, weight management, natural fertility, healthy pregnancy and healthy baby and child development.

Disclaimer: The advice and information contained herein is provided in good faith as a public service; however, the accuracy of any statements made is not guaranteed and it is the responsibility of readers to make their own enquiries as to the accuracy, currency and appropriateness of any information or advice provided. Liability for any act or omission occurring in reliance on this document or for any loss, damage or injury occurring as a consequence of such act or omission is expressly disclaimed.


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