Play Learn Eat Strong


Play Learn Eat Strong is a structured program delivered in facilitated playgroups, with sessions overseen by a trained Supported Playgroups Facilitator. Each session is delivered over two hours and incorporates activities that focus on Healthy Food and Healthy Bodies. Healthy Food activities cover everything from cooking healthy meals, exploring different tastes and textures of foods, and growing vegetables in a community garden. Healthy Body activities focus on developing each child’s fine and gross motor skills, with tummy time and nursery rhymes for babies, through to balancing, running, jumping and catching for older children. Each session has activities that are inclusive of all children from birth-to-5 years old. Sessions include storytime and group morning tea where healthy food choices are modelled to families in attendance. 


Parent/carers and children.


For further information contact Playgroup Queensland on 1800 171 882.


Organisations or partners pay a yearly fee.