Organisational Playgroups


Organisations such as not-for-profit community groups, child care agencies, Family Day Care Schemes and Churches that run their own playgroups and already hold insurance coverage, may affiliate with Playgroup Queensland and hold an Organisational Membership. Playgroup Queensland provides support to Organisations that establish playgroups as a service to their local community. Only Playgroup Queensland affiliated playgroups and Organisational Members can use the ‘Playgroup’ registered business name and receive referrals from thousands of families accessing our hotline and website.

Organisations pay a yearly fee based on the fiscal calendar.


Churches, family day carers, not for profit and community organisations.


Benefits to Organisation

  • Family referrals via our National 1800 number and website
  • Education Experience Order discounts
  • Telephone advice and support from our staff (limited)
  • Use of Playgroup Queensland logo

Benefits to Children

  • Children practice their social skills, normalising group interactions, turn taking and responsibility to others
  • Playgroups assist in building the foundations for pre-reading and pre-writing skills
  • Children develop strong, warm and supportive relationships with other children and other adults

Benefits to Parents

  • Increased understanding and knowledge about the organisation and the support networks available in the local community
  • Playgroup parents develop strong support networks and often develop lifelong friendships that form the backbone of the organisation support base
  • Increased understanding of the importance of play and early childhood development and confidence in supporting their child’s social, emotional and cognitive development


For further information contact Playgroup Queensland on 1800 171 882. Click below to express interest in starting an Organisational Playgroup.


Organisations pay a yearly fee which funds this program.